Saturday, November 10, 2018

The magnolia tree my in-laws bought me is looking very happy.  IMG_1594.JPG


Peach tree leaves = delicious snack for deer.


My empress tree is confused.  Thinks it must be spring already.




And I was blaming the squirrels…

Bird seed has been disappearing by the ton.  I believe I may have found the culprit(s).  I went out this morning to chase them off of the feeder, and they stood their ground.  So for about 15 minutes the four of us just watched each other.  Eventually they ambled off, making sure I knew that they were in no way threatened or worried about me or my camera.

Post Irma

All said and done, we went 8 days with no power, but got off lucky in the damage department.  A bit of trim from the eaves on the north side of the house came down, and a bit of fascia from above the garage dropped off.  Amazingly, all the screens on the porch remained intact, and 90% of the plants came through.  That’s one advantage of planting natives, I guess.  They’re used to hurricanes.


There are huge stacks of tree limbs on every street.  Our neighbor lost an extremely large oak.  Luckily it was in an empty lot, so only the squirrels lost a home.  My trees are all still small enough that they were severely leaning but not uprooted by the storm.


I’ve gone around and pushed the little trees back upright, and given some of them a support to hold onto until they get their feet back under them.  All of the plants at the far eastern end of the yard were leaning hard toward the south west.


Some of the salvia got snapped off, but there is new growth already coming in, so I’m hoping they’ll be fine.

The pentas took a licking as well, but they’re tough, so I’m not worried about them. The porterweed got snapped off hard but will come back, too.  The fire spike seemed to come through with no damage.


Right after the storm there were no blooms to be found, but this morning I saw a few more dots of color have come back.


And thank god the chickens were ok.


I can see some teeny tiny pink blooms starting to come out on the vitex.  If I like these beside the driveway I may add some more in the spring.  Funny how I like to try on plants in different locations.  I hate to try on clothing, but I’ll move a plant several times if I think it’s not working, or unhappy in that spot.  My goal is to to have a ‘see-through’ hedge effect, as well as add some more color to the acres of green lawn.


Now that I’m sitting in air-conditioning, and have hot showers available, and didn’t have to make my coffee on the grill, (I’ve discovered I’m capable of camping out, but not in favor of it), I can say that it was bearable.  I won’t complain because I know so many people are in dire conditions.  I’m grateful my little family and house came through just fine.

Taking shelter

Stay safe all my Florida and Georgia friends.  We’re battening down the hatches, fully supplied with batteries, water, propane and coffee. I can get through anything as long as I have caffeine.  While taking pictures around the house and yard this morning I found someone else looking for a safe place to hide.

Here’s hoping Irma doesn’t get too rowdy with any of us.

Flea market flowers

We got up extra early this morning (to beat the heat) and headed over to Webster for the Monday morning flea market. In the summer there are fewer booths, but much better parking. I found a few treasures that were too good a deal to pass up. A lovely plumeria, Velo de novia, and a white angel trumpet are the start to my white garden bed.  I have no idea where the plant stands will go yet, but that’s the fun of flea market finds.




I also found a great deal on a fire bush.  I’d started growing some from seed, but got this full of blooms plant for only $5.


Somehow these orchid beauties made it into the car, too.

They don’t have any labels, unfortunately, but the red one has a heavenly aroma as well, which surprised me. All in all it was a great way to start the week. I love me some flea markets.

Raising butterflies

I went out with the hose to wash off the aphids from the milkweed plants this morning, but couldn’t do it because the Monarch nursery has taken over.  Some of these shots I took through the screen – sorry if they’re blurry – but I couldn’t resist taking a pic of how roly-poly some of these guys are getting.  Is it weird to get excited over bugs in the garden? We’re expecting some heavy storms this afternoon, so I told them all to be careful.  I’m not sure if they listened.  Like most teenagers it’s hard to tell if they’re paying attention.