Yellow cardinal?

This beauty was in my yard, Dec. 17, having breakfast.  Is he a yellow cardinal?  Cross breed?  ( The blue tape and white seed bag is my very high tech anti-squirrel defense.  Only thing I’ve ever done that actually keeps them off the feeder.  Not pretty, but the birdseed cost dropped significantly. )
















My other bird watcher, Gracie.


And of course we have lots of what I call LBBs.  Little brown birds, chickadees, etc.








4 thoughts on “Yellow cardinal?”

  1. Or he’s a she. No matter, I followed Allison Zapata’s “Bernadette the Brave” Facebook adventure about a female cardinal with a deformed beak. Every day she prepared food for “B” so she wouldn’t starve to death. “B” found a beau, had babies, & then, sadly, never appeared again. Allison documented the story in a children’s book.
    Allison is an amazing bird photographer & her captions are quite Kimmy-esque. She’s on Instagram too.

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  2. Thanks for the link. And I believe you’re right, it is a northern cardinal. I recently added more sunflower seeds to my mix, and I’ve got tons of new feathered friends. And Binky – just what i need – more sites to spend time on. 🙂

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