Flea market flowers

We got up extra early this morning (to beat the heat) and headed over to Webster for the Monday morning flea market. In the summer there are fewer booths, but much better parking. I found a few treasures that were too good a deal to pass up. A lovely plumeria, Velo de novia, and a white angel trumpet are the start to my white garden bed.  I have no idea where the plant stands will go yet, but that’s the fun of flea market finds.




I also found a great deal on a fire bush.  I’d started growing some from seed, but got this full of blooms plant for only $5.


Somehow these orchid beauties made it into the car, too.

They don’t have any labels, unfortunately, but the red one has a heavenly aroma as well, which surprised me. All in all it was a great way to start the week. I love me some flea markets.


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