Zebra swallowtail

On the plumbago and salvia this morning:


And also this guy, which I think is a potter or mason wasp, but I’m not really sure:


And finally, the usual breakfast crowd:

It is so hot by 9 am the dog and I make one circuit of the yard looking for something interesting and then we both head for the house with our tongues hanging out.  Luckily we find different things interesting.  The thermometer says 87 but the heat index is 102.  And that’s at 9 am.  I’m not complaining.  I like living in Florida.  And these dog days make me appreciate the basics in life, like air conditioning and ceiling fans.  And ice makers.  When I first moved to the sunshine state I remember being surprised at how Florida residents wore much less clothing than they do in Virginia.  It’s not just the casual atmosphere, but rather the literal atmosphere that causes it.  I know now that if you put on full length pants in August in Florida you may actually suffocate.  I find it keeps the neighbors away if I walk around scantily clad as well.  So I’ve got that going for me.  Come December and January I’ll pull out the long pants, but still be able to wear sandals.  And that’s why I like living in Florida.


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