Really big chickens

I took myself out to the patio to see if the newly potted nasturtium seedlings needed watering, when this popped up from behind the azaleas:



I love to watch this little crane family stop by for a drink in the mornings.  I’m feeling a little guilty because I haven’t topped the bird baths off lately.

And here’s the whole family out for a stroll:


And since this is what I went out to check on, the newly transplanted nasturtium seedlings:


The cranes aren’t the only thirsty ones this morning.  Does anyone else have to keep a spare glass of water just for the cat on their desk, or is it just me?



2 thoughts on “Really big chickens”

  1. Cool. Its amazing how comfortable these cranes can be around people. I think it’s a good thing and love seeing them wander around, finding food in yards and roadsides.


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