I’ve got chickens

I have to be careful what I say out loud to the universe.  In a conversation I thought was private between me and the dog, where I was asking her opinion if she’d like to have some chickens to play with, I must have been overheard.  Yesterday I got a package from Toronto, because apparently the universe heard me and got me these beauties:


I suspect the universe would prefer I stick to chickens that don’t require housing, mucking or feeding.  I’m just guessing. Now to find a spot for them.  My first yard art at the new house.  Canadian chickens. Why does getting a surprise package of metal chickens make me so happy?

The mulch finally got itself out of bags and onto the flower beds in front.  Such an improvement.  Coonties and plumeria.  I put down a layer of wet cardboard underneath the edge of each bed because the grass here is super aggressive.  Of course it is – it’s had its way for the last 20 years.  But now there’s a new gardener in town, and she’s not afraid to hoe.


And lastly I’m experimenting with just how I want to hedge the southern end of the lot, which is about the only place that gets any shade.  What I’m aiming for is shoulder height and filtered light for the hedge, rather than total privacy.  I like the alternating fountain grass and plumbago.  The grasses will have nice movement, and the baby blue flowers and the pink grass stems are sweet together. I’ll live with it a while before I actually dig the holes.  That’s a little one year old redbud tree alongside it.  Eventually there will be a lovely, layered long border bed.  Eventually. The gorgeous 100 year old oaks belongs to the neighboring lot.  I have the pleasure of looking at them every day.


Time to go make the coffee and do the crossword.  I’m feeling very brave this morning.  I may even do it in pen.


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